The Songsmith commercial

Microsoft has released a song writting application called Songsmith.

It enables you to select a music style like from a library containing jazz, rock, swing and some others. Then it starts to play a ground beat and you just begin to record your singing voice into a microphone.

Afterwards, Songsmith analyzes everything and will add furthermore instruments like chords to the song. It also does some intros and outros as you may know from any hobby keyboard.

The software itself is quite cool for people getting into music, but let us have a look at their video advertisment on Youtube.

Click to play video

Click to play video

Do you know what is hiding behind the flower power sticker?

Perfectly matching Microsoft’s compaign „I am a PC„: Yes, it is a MacBook Pro by Apple!

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Eine Antwort auf The Songsmith commercial

  1. Yesterday evening I was watching the video with my girlfriend one again. Then I noticed, that everytime when the screen is shown, that Microsoft has smooth animations to let the application shine in a glow.

    The window is moving all the time in a perspective way and the vista-style lightshow effects are having more beams than the standard background.

    And again, yes, it runs on a MacBook Pro!

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